WordPress Training in Auckland

I offer WordPress Training in NZ. My courses are for 4+ hours minimum and I can travel to you, Auckland wide. Contact me today to book a customised Auckland WordPress training session. Standard rates are $150 p/h.

Here’s why you should let me help:

  • Experience in WordPress
    I’ve had exposure to the “full stack” of WordPress. I’ve previously worked for a WP dev agency creating websites, have worked at NZ’s largest web-host in tech support, and have worked as an SEO consultant for a couple of marketing agencies.
  • Experience tutoring
    Prior to The WP Guy I volunteered at Code Club Aotearoa to help a group of year 6s learn how to code and how to build websites. If I can teach a classroom of kids – I can teach you too 🙂
  • I come to you
    I’ll travel to you & your office in Auckland (NZ wide training sessions on request)
  • Customised WordPress learning
    I’ll carefully structure any learning around what you already do and don’t know, as well as organizational goals and what you’re looking to get out of WordPress.

Learn tricks of the trade – how to plan, design, build, make-live, manage, update & host your WordPress site

Get trained in WordPress in Auckland and learn about launching your first WordPress Website! I’ll teach you how to use WordPress and how to update your own website. I’ll give you a clear understanding of how a WordPress site functions, and how it can fit into your organisation and how to administer it. This is a one-on-one tutorial and is designed for those with little to moderate technical skill.

Get in touch with us if you require WordPress Training or WordPress Maintenance Support – Kieran will sit down with you and give you full training on everything you need to know.

Here are some of the topics that I can customse

  • What is a CMS
  • An introduction to WordPress & a history of Automattic
  • The WordPress Admin Panel
  • Themes
    • How to effectively find, evaluate, install & use themes
    • Intro to building a theme from scratch (optional)
  • Plugins
    • How to effectively find, evaluate, install & use plugins
    • Security considerations
    • Avoiding plugin mania
  • Creating Content including
    • Pages
    • Blog Posts
    • Managing post Comments
    • Adding Media (photos, videos, sound files) to your website
    • An introduction to page-builders like Elementor
  • Intro to SEO for WordPress sites
    • SEO is just one marketing channel, when & how it can work
    • Content & relevancy – SEO writing & keyword research
    • Technical – how to get indexed, crawled & rendered, SEO tools
    • Authority – why a link-acquisition strategy is important
    • What to look for in an SEO agency
  • Creating Links – internal & external
    • Promoting your website for Google Search
  • Do you own it? Making sure that website assets, domain names and content are owned by you or your company to avoiding future situations.
  • Things to look for in a web-host
  • Ongoing WordPress management – uptime, security, updates, licenses
  • Speed optimisation – quick tips & what to know

Get a Quote for WordPress Training

The basic offer is a 4 hour minimum for a session on WordPress I prefer to completely customize any WordPress training session to your business, abilities & requirements. Please contact me for a quote.